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Our small group classes will change how you feel about exercise. 


So you get the attention you deserve.

To guide you through.


So you can always try something new.

Tired of wasting hours of your time on the treadmill? 

Our qualified instructors will guide you through every class, so you're never left wondering whether you're wasting your time.

Have fun when you exercise

  • Cost Effective

    Membership Packages

    Our 3, 6 and 12 month plans come with flexible payment options, so you can get started with no stress.

  • Be Part of a Community

    Meet women who are like you. You'll always have a gym buddy to keep you motivated!

  • Free Freezing Days

    All our packages come with FREE freezing days, so you can plan your busy days ahead of time and never lose out!

  • Enjoy Unlimited Classes

    Push yourself to the limit with access to all classes and no limit on how many you can take. It's all at your pace.

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Be the New You


45 Minutes - Strength, Cardio, Core.

•Burn Calories

•Tone and Shape

•Increase Fitness Level

Body Combat

45 Minutes - Martial Arts Workout

•Burn Calories


•Tone Core


45 Minutes - Relax and De-stress

•Strengthen Your Core

•Improve Health and Wellness


30 Minutes - Cardio, Core.

•Burn Calories

•Improve Stamina

•Put Your Fitness to the Test!


45 Minutes - Strengthen & Relax

•Increase Flexibility

•Manage Stress

•Improve Respiration, Energy, Vitality


45 Minutes - Dance

•Have Fun

•Release Endorphins

•Boost Energy Level


30 Minutes - High Intensity Interval Training

•Lose Weight 

•Improve Cardiovascular Health

Bikini Body

45 Minutes - Tone and Shape Lower Body

•Abs, Glutes & Leg Workout

•Improve Strength


45 Minutes - Workout of the Week

•Circuit Training

•Learn Proper Technique

•Shape & Tone Full Body

Everyone can feel the energy and team spirit in the classes. Our instructor keeps the group motivated and in tune, whilst fully respecting everyone's limitations in the class. She keeps all of our attention, despite our different ages, backgrounds and exercise abilities. Best of all, she spreads joy and fun!


My instructor is awesome! She's 100% committed to her clients; during the group class she always keeps an eye on each person. She is friendly, professional and it's a pleasure to work out with her. I enjoyed every class that I took!