Personal Trainers who'll Turn Your Life Around

With personalised, guided workouts and nutrition plans, our certified instructors will transform the way you live.


to suit your needs and goals.


and nutritional guidance.


You can do it.

Tired of wasting money on trendy diets that haven't worked?

  • You always lose motivation half way through?

  • You want to work out but can't find the time?

  • So much advice out there but nothing works for you?

  • You don't know how and where to start?

We understand your struggle.

Our nutritionists will:

Track what you're eating

so that you can work towards your goals with ease and at the pace you're comfortable with.

Make adjustments

to your diet without taking away the fun of eating!

Maximise your progress

so that you can eat to be happy without losing progress in the gym.

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Be the New You

What I achieved with Joana was beyond from my dreams. I was struggling with obesity for more than 10 years and had tried tens of diets and meal plans with no significant results. Thanks to

Joana's insistence, hard work and her nutrition advice my fat levels dropped down to normal range. She didn't just help me loose weight, she toned my body like a piece of art. She never allows anyone to loose motivation. I am so grateful to her; what she did with me was magic.


I was the luckiest person to find the most outstanding PT. She is one of the most unique personal trainers with a vast background of knowledge. Her dedication and accountability drove me to understand who am I and what I can achieve. After 12 months I truly learned a lot and she enabled to keep up my new, healthy lifestyle.

She tailored the training plans to suit my needs with periodical assessments to ensure that I’m on the right track” 


After battling with my weight and body image for some time, I decided I needed a life change. That's when I found my amazing trainer.  Through her expertise she was able to adjust my workouts around my medical issues to help me achieve my goal. While training with her I felt confident, happy and I saw my body was shaping into the form that I liked. She was available even outside of the PT session and encouraged me to eat properly. Whenever I had a doubt on any food, I was able to message her, knowing she will respond.